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Discord-js and sqlite are used by Partner Bot to automate partnerships in the large Discord community. When you bump your ad, the bot delivers it to every guild with a specified cooldown. This bot has only been tested on four servers. Thus it may have difficulty with 100 or more servers sending messages simultaneously.

Partner Bot Discords to Improve Your Server 

 GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is the ideal multi-purpose bot for your Discord server. It’s a strong and adaptable bot that can not only moderate chats but also add amusing features to promote user participation on your server.

It can also run surveys, raffles, produce crazy memes, and much more. The strong extension system is the bot’s main selling point. Ask GAwesome Bot to display Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, or even Reddit results. You may also create your in-chat RSS feeds.

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Tatsumaki is a popular partner Discord bot among online game streamers. It gives you many choices for moderation, welcome messages, notifications, and more. The bot is not limited to Discord and has a dedicated dashboard where you can alter its settings. It also enables you to search the web, subscribes to an RSS feed, and more.

Tatsumaki’s most significant feature is its incentive system, which encourages server users to be more active by rewarding them with XP and Levels. A Discord server’s ranking is shown as an aesthetically appealing card, encouraging frequent user interaction. You can pay real money to customize your cards.

Memer Dank

Dank Memer is a well-deserved partner Discord Bot. The bot is named after memes. This bot can make memes in seconds, modify photos, and even gamble with memes. With prefix commands, you may create over 100 different memes while managing your Discord server.

Besides that, Dank Memer features a monetary system that is both amusing and rewarding. As stated above, you may personalize theft, gambling, and bank robbing within the server. Dank Memer also has a depth moderating system to select keywords and graphic samples to ban or mute users. Overall, Dank Memer is a must-have bot for meme lovers.


FreeStuff is a great partner Discord bot. The bot does exactly what its name implies – it gives you updates and messages for free games. It is the best deal-finding Discord bot available. When you install the bot to your server, it will notify you whenever a premium game becomes free. That FreeStuff does not disturb you with messages for games that are already free to play.

Mudae – Partner Bot Discord

Mudae is another great partner Discord Bot to add to your server. This is especially true whether you are an anime enthusiast or a die-hard gamer. Mudae is an anime and gaming character Discord bot where you may personalize your profile and fight other characters.

It features around 35,000 characters from Manga and 100,000 photos and GIFs from the community. You can play multiplayer games like waifu arena, catch pokémon, and other word games within your server. There’s also a special option for auto-generating Anime phrases across many servers.


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